Our Strengths

Network is a key component for a world-class courier company; however, we are much more than that. At Skycom, we have dedicated resources at the right stress points to ensure a smooth flow of shipments.

People Power

We are just a name without our people. Hundreds of our team members – many on the field and many more in our offices worldwide – work hard to make sure the pick-ups are done on time, and that deliveries happen efficiently. These are the invisible hands that move documents and cargo, from source to destination.

Infrastructure First

On-ground strengths set a global logistics company apart. We have put in place comprehensive mission critical infrastructure including state-of-the-art offices, cutting edge IT systems and ultra modern fleet.

State-of-the-art Office and Warehouse

The latest office and warehouse at Jebel Ali is our hub for clearing, forwarding, warehousing, redistribution, import/export, and managing trucking all over the GCC. Our services include customised storage, distribution and transportation.

Information Technology

Our purpose-built IT systems guarantee smooth, seamless operations. It also puts the power in the client’s hands. Our exclusive online services empower customers to process shipments, place pick-up requests, and view monthly invoices, airway bill copies, stationery requisitions, delivery notifications and others. We also use an elaborate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to manage and maximise both internal and external resources. These include all tangible assets, financial resources, materials and human resources. Security is an integral part of our business, which we have strengthened through CCTV monitoring. A dedicated Courier/Package Tracking Solution monitors the movement of shipments, including integration with our database.

Modern Fleet

Our extensive fleet undergoes regular upgradation. Hundreds of vehicles carry the Skycom reputation across the GCC and beyond. This fleet is monitored by a sophisticated Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) across all our offices, achieving operational efficiencies and optimised usage of transport over the entire network.